Quick Tips for Quick Trips to Crocker Park

Quick Tips for Quick Trips to Crocker Park

Feb 12, 2021

Quick Tips for Quick Trips to Crocker Park

Crocker Park was built on the idea of providing visitors a unique experience. This idea has grown into a city within a city, vertically integrating retail shops, salons, restaurants, offices, apartments, and more where one has everything they need at their fingertips.

It is also home to fantastic spots where sometimes all you need to do is park, get in, get what you need, and get out. We picked out three main locations that we get most questioned about for convenient parking and provided some tips below on the best options when you would rather make a quick trip!

Trader Joe’s: While the main Mulberry Garage is adjacent to the entrance of Trader Joe’s, it can tend to get busy with the gym goers, shoppers, and diners, especially later in the evening and on weekends. We suggest if you are coming to shop after 5pm on weekdays, and/or all weekend long, enjoy free parking in the American Greetings Garage, located across from buybuy BABY in Center Circle. A short walk to where you need to go, the garage provides the convenience to park and go!

Main Street & West Park Hub: If you are looking to make a quick exchange at LOFT or Athleta, grab a quick coffee and book at Barnes & Noble, or pick-up takeout from Barocco or BIBIBOP, the Main Street and Market Square garages framing our event venue, Market Square, are great options for free, quick, and convenient parking to get you where you need to go.

North Union Winter Farmers Market: Shoppers looking to stroll the North Union Indoor Winter Farmers Market every Saturday morning can park for free in the Union, Vine or Main Street garages, all adjacent to the indoor market and closest in walking distance.

For a full map to all the garage locations, click here.

We hope this helps you have an easy and enjoyable experience every time you visit Crocker Park, for whatever that may be!

Crocker Park, It’s All Happening Here. Happy shopping!