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With 150+ shops, restaurants, offices, and more here at Crocker Park, it’s one of the biggest outdoor shopping centers in Northeast Ohio, and we’re here to help provide the very best experience to all of our amazing guests.

So if you need help finding a store or restaurant, have a question about one of our events, or would like to inquire about renting our event space at Market Square, we’re here to help.

Browse the frequently asked questions below to see if they help answer your questions, or visit the Crocker Park management office inside LINC Social at 177 Market St next to Trader Joe’s for more information about Crocker Park.

What are your hours of operation?

– Monday through Friday 10am-9pm*
– Sunday 11am-6pm*
– Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas

*Hours may vary. Call the specific store for exact hours.<!–?p >

How do I get to Crocker Park?

From I-90 Westbound
– Take the Crocker Road exit, number 156, toward Basset Road.
– Turn left onto Crocker Road.
– Turn right into Crocker Park (less than a quarter mile from I-90).


From I-90 Eastbound
– Take the Crocker Road exit, number 156 toward Basset Road.
– Turn right onto Crocker Road.
– Turn right into Crocker Park (less than a quarter mile from I-90).


From 480 Westbound
– Take the Stearns Road exit, number 3.
– Turn right onto Stearns Road.
– Stearns Road becomes Crocker Road.
– Turn left into Crocker Park.


From 480 Eastbound
– Take the Stearns Road exit, number 3.
– Turn left onto Stearns Road.
– Stearns Road turns into Crocker Road.
– Turn left into Crocker Park.

Where can I park?

Free Parking
We have 7 free parking garages and one paid parking garage on property:

– Mulberry Garage – Located between Carney court and American Blvd
– American Greetings Garage – Located at the end of American Blvd this garage is free after 5pm Mon-Fri and on the weekends
– Crocker Road Garage – Located just off Crocker Road
– Main Street Garage – Located off Early Lane and Center St
– Union Street Garage – Located on Union St and Vine St
– Vine Street Garage – Located on Vine St and Union St
– Promenade Parking Lot – Beyond the first row of parking spots in the Promenade, you will find an entire parking lot with free parking spots. Located on Detroit Rd
– Detroit Road Garage – Free 30 minute parking and Free parking with Regal Cinemas ticket stub. Validate at Regal customer service.


Paid Parking
– Detroit Garage – Located on S.S Comet Road and just off Crocker Road, this garage hosts 3 electric car charging stations. $1 each hour over 30 minutes, $6 maximum up to 24 hours. Cheaper than meter parking!


Coin Meter Parking
– There are metered parking spots that take quarters through out Main Street and Crocker Park Blvd.
– Behind Cheesecake Factory, there is a parking lot full of metered parking spots that take quarters


Credit Card Meter Parking
– By the Hyatt you will find metered parking that takes credit cards
– In the Promenade parking lot, the first-row parking is metered and takes credit card

What is your contact information?

Management office phone number
– 440-835-9343


Email address
[email protected]


– 177 Market Street, Westlake, OH 44145


Lisa Pianecki, Manager Corporate Partnerships
[email protected]
(216) 956-5361


Stacie Schmidt, VP of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]
(702) 283-2174

Danielle Gross
Manager Marketing & Communications
(216) 401-1712

How do I pay a parking ticket?

Call (216) 292-9951 to pay over the phone by credit or debit card. You may also mail in a check or cash payment to CP Delaware, LLC, PO BOX 45587, Westlake, OH 44145. Payments within 48 hours are $25.00, after 48 hours payments will be $40.00.

If you wish to contest your ticket, please call (216) 292-9951.

Do you offer valet?

We have two valet locations:

1. On Main St. in front of Journey’s and Hyde Park that is open 7 days a week from *7:30am until 11pm.

2. In front of Regal Cinemas that is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from *5pm until 11pm.

*For car pick up after 11pm, please call Crocker Park Security at (440) 343-4017.

Do you allow pets on property?

Pets are welcome on leashes and owners must clean up after them. In addition, many of our shops and restaurants are pet-friendly. Look for the paw decal in the window of pet-friendly shops. You can also find a full list at the link below.


Do you have security on property?

Crocker Park has 24/7 security on property. We always insist that if you see something, say something. Please report anything you feel is unsafe or suspicious or if you need assistance. Our Security team is here to help you in the event of the following problems:

– Escort to vehicle
– Lost vehicle
– Lost children
– Lost and found

Contact them 24/7 at (440) 343-4017

Do you have a lost and found?

If you have lost something, we recommend that you retrace your steps by calling tenants that you may have been in at the time of losing your item. If this isn’t successful, please contact Security at 440-343-4017 to see if it is in our lost and found.


If you have found something, please call Security at 440-343-4017 so they can retrieve it from you.

What is the Crocker Park Code of Conduct?

All of our buildings, parking facilities, pedestrian walkways and other common areas are privately owned. We reserve the right to define the rules of conduct acceptable to us in order to determine admission to the property. Failure to abide by these rules may result in expulsion, banning, arrest and/or prosecution for criminal trespass. Please enjoy your visit with us and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 216.464.2860.

This property provides a venue for shopping and entertainment purposes of our guests. Discourteous behavior, standing, walking, or sitting in areas that may cause any inconvenience to others, is not permitted.

Respect others. Loud, disorderly, or disruptive conduct is prohibited, including the use of obscene or insulting language/gestures, running, yelling, fighting, boisterous behavior, throwing objects, littering, playing radios, unauthorized singing or dancing, skating, skateboarding, or rollerblading are not permitted. Minors must not continually congregate in groups larger than four. To enforce the rules applicable to minors, we require all patrons on our property to carry appropriate identification with proof of age.

Solicitation, picketing or rallying, conducting of surveys, distributing literature, offering any items for sale, soliciting signatures or personal information of any kind (including names, phone numbers, etc.), videotaping or photographing is prohibited without the express written permission of the owner.

Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, must be worn when visiting this property. Items of clothing with obscene, suggestive, or offensive messages are not permitted.

Excessive loitering is not permitted on property.

Park at your own risk. We are not responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle.

Parking is permitted in designated parking spaces only. No overnight parking. We reserve the right to ticket or remove any vehicles at the owner’s expense for failure to comply with this code of conduct.

Extended sitting in vehicles on property is not allowed. No drag racing or opening hoods on vehicles for show.

All persons under the age of 18 are expected to be in school during school hours and may be asked to leave the property.

Pets are welcome on leashes. Owners must clean up after them.

Anyone creating a panic situation or vandalizing the property will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Who do I contact for media requests?

Crocker Park welcomes media requests, if you are interested in any media information or photography/filming on property, please reach out to Danielle Gross at (216) 401-1712 or at [email protected]


You can also reach out to us via direct message on one of our social media accounts at @crockerpark.

Can I plan an event at Crocker Park?

Market Square is a clean slate that allows you to customize your event around the modern, open interior space which seamlessly blends with the expansive outdoor area to create a continuous flow into over 25,000 square feet of green space.

If you are interested in renting the space for a private event, please contact Stacie Schmidt at (216) 292-0261 or [email protected]

More info about Market Square can be found by clicking here.

What upcoming events and activities do you have?

You can view all of our upcoming events at crockerpark.com/play. You can also view our upcoming events on our Facebook page and RSVP to receive event updates by going to facebook.com/crockerpark.

What are the train hours and running dates?

– November 24th through January 3rd
– Memorial Day through Labor Day


View more info at crockerpark.com/holidayexpresstrain

What are the splash pad hours and running dates?

Memorial Day through Labor Day

View more info at crockerpark.com/splash-zone

What shops and restaurants are coming soon to Crocker Park?

Where can I purchase Crocker Park gift cards?

Crocker Park gift cards can be purchased only during the holiday season. You can also contact/visit your favorite local Crocker Park store or restaurant to buy one of their gift cards directly, all year long.

Holiday gift cards can be used at any Crocker Park restaurant, shop, or at the movie theater, and never expire. From a dinner date to a shopping spree or Sunday afternoon movie, the opportunities are endless when you purchase a Crocker Park Gift card.