1st Team Actors Studio

1st Team Actors Studio

1st Team Actors Studio

Now through Summer

Vary, see website

156 Main St, Westlake, OH
Between Banyan Tree & Talbots

Continuing to accelerate the film and acting industry in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond, 1st Team Actors Studio will be hosting classes and weekend workshops open to aspiring actors and actresses at their new location in Crocker Park. The classes will be interactive and geared toward harnessing the talents and natural abilities of acting students while preparing them for a serious career in the industry. Classes continue through the summer.

Industry instructors will host several different types of acting classes for students of many different experience levels and ages to learn, cultivate and improve their skills. Instructors from the 1st Team Actors Studio are not only highly qualified to teach, but also have led impressive careers within the industry in Los Angeles, California and New York City. The curriculum-based classes will teach different acting approaches and will provide tools for excelling, standing out and pursuing an acting career whether in Cleveland or beyond.

The studio will be located at 156 Main Street between Banyan Tree and Talbots. Classes will take place in the evenings, and weekend workshops will be offered welcoming in working actors, casting directors, agents, and managers from across the country. For more information on 1st Team Actors Studio classes and how to become an enrolled student, visit angelaboehmcasting.com/1st-team/ and follow @1stTeamActorsStudio on Facebook for updates.

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